New AY11 Series 4-in-1 Buckets

Loader Attachments
Key Features
  • Strong frame for added durability
  • Quick and easy attachment
  • Serrated edge for secure movement
  • Strong hinges for increased life
  • See brochure for loader series compatibility

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Strong, steel hinges for increased wear life
Strong, sturdy hinges are built to lastStrong, sturdy hinges are built to last

The hinges on the AY11 SeriesĀ are made of heavy-duty steel to resist bending and provide longer wear capability.

Strong frame for added durability
Steel frame built to enhance bucket durabilitySteel frame built to enhance bucket durability

The AY11 Series Four-in-One Bucket frame is built with welded components and high-tensile, heavy-gauge steel for maximum durability.

Serrated edge for secure movement
Serrated edges enhance overall bucket performanceSerrated edges enhance overall bucket performance

The AY11 Series serrated edge firmly grasps material for secure movement.

Attachment is quick and easy
Fits 300 to 500 Series LoadersFits 300 to 500 Series Loaders

Attaching the AY11 Series Four-in-One Bucket to a John Deere loader is easy with its quick-change and global attaching systems. Just line up the loader's connecting points to the attachment frame and lock in place.


Width 187.7 cm
73.88 in.
Height 68.4 cm
26.94 in.
Depth 71.1 cm
28.01 in.
Cutting width 182.9 cm
72 in.
Clam opening 72.3 cm
28.45 in.
Attachment carrier
Current series style 300, 400, and 500
Operational 192.8 kg
425 lb
Shipping 204.1 kg
450 lb
Hydraulic cylinders
Type Two double-acting
Clamp force
Open 16,035.8 N
3,605 lb-ft
Closed 10,577.9 N
2,378 lb-ft
Set-up time
Labor hours 0.25
Time period 1 year
Key Specs
Clam opening
Clamp force - Closed
Current series style
Cutting width
Hydraulic cylinders - Type